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My grandfather is writing a letter to all the grandchildren instructing them how to vote in the election, is this unethical?

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    Its wise he's telling them how to vote, when they become eligible to vote, they'll know exactly how to but if someone is manipulating someone to vote for a certain candidate, then that's wrong.

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    Like instructions or who to vote for? Either way I doubt anyone will be swayed by this. It just makes him look disrespectful. But I wouldnt say its unethical.

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    You don’t say if the Grandfather is teaching them how to actually vote when they go to the booth, or if he is telling them who to vote for.... big difference. 

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    nope  you cant do that

    your the operator and owner of your own brain not someone else once you turn the right age but never ever someone use 21, how ever its your family matter not us

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  • 1 week ago

    I think the question is self-explanatory.  The author wouldn't ask whether or not the grandfather's action is unethical if he/she meant that he was explaining to them the way to cast a vote.  The grandfather is telling his grandchildren who to cast that vote for.  Which is course unethical and illegal in this country.

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    It's unethical to vote red. It's ethical to vote blue. 

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    True Christians do not participate in Politics. You're spiritually blind if you do. John 17:16 -James 4:4

  • Wundt
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    Encouraging them to vote... good.  Telling them the importance of investigating the candidates and issues before making a choice... good.  Encouraging them to support voting rights and respect the rights of others to make their own choices... good.  


    Telling them who to vote for... not good.

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    not a thing wrong with that

    they can choose to take his advice or choose otherwise 

    we all look for help deciding

    many people come to me to ask how I will vote

    and there are many other thing to vote on other than president

     California has confusing and many ballot initiatives -- often repeats of last elections failures

    what looks like a protection from more taxes is actually a removal of protections from more increases in taxes

    in the end the grandfather has no idea how the child or grandchild votes because voting a is a private ballot ,,, no need to tell him if you disagree unless you have a solid factual reason to use to change his mind 

    note feelings is a real bad way to choose how to vote

    and choosing the be upset grandpa with way more knowledge  says, is childish 

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    I like your grandfather.

  • Kyle
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    1 week ago

    telling them how to vote, and WHO to vote for are two different things.  

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