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What are some things to do with no planning?

I don’t have my license yet soI need things to do with my friends that don’t require driving. I’m thinking of showing up to my best friends house and just telling her to get dressed so we can go do something. Any ideas?

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    Exploring is the funnest thing! If ur friend is down to clown and not uptight, this can be a blast. Walk to the coffee shop grab drinks and chat. Find out if any friends live nearby and everyone put glow sticks on their bike spokes glow paint on their face, blast music from your phones and do a dark night ride. This makes great Insta Live and is a group of 6 is a blast, but the togetherness is the best no matter the number.

    Invite people over to make a pizza or have a sleepover

    Go to the neighborhood park and swing and ride the slides like u were still little kids...always fun

    Walk to the pet shop or humane society and pose like u are going to adopt a pet, so u can play with the cute puppies and kittens

    Walk aimlessly exploring the neighborhood

    Walk to some place u've always wanted to check ou

    Grab some skates and skate the block


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    I have an idea, call or text her first and have a PLAN. If you fail to plan you are planning to fail. 

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