Brfoweif asked in SportsVolleyball · 3 months ago

Volleyball overhand serve help!?!?

PLS read the whole question THANKS!!

When I first started playing volleyball at 14 I was really weak. Very, very weak. Even to serve an underhand I would need to use my full strength, and I barely made any overhands.

Now I'm 16 and I have a new problem: I am way too strong. Every time I overhand serve the ball at least 5 meters after the end lines. I simply cannot control my overhand serve.

Why is his happening? TIPS PLEASE!!?!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Try changing the angle. Maybe you’re aiming too high if you do a jump serve so the ball floats. 

    If it’s too strong, make your swing more compact. 

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