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Are cyber security and ComSci good careers?

I'm thinking about pursuing a degree in cyber security or ComSci but I'm not sure if it would be a good fit for me or not. I love technology but I heard there's a lot of math and I'm average with math. I'm decent at algebra. It's not my strong-point but I'm decent at it. I do have good communication skills and I'm great at analyzing and interpreting data and I also have really good attention to detail. I just wanted some opinions on cyber security and ComSci since tech is the future. 

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    I have been in IT and infosec for 20+ years.  I also have a math degree.  I can tell you definitively that there are a great many career paths within IT and infosec where someone can be very successful and do very little math.  You may still have to take the classes and pass them, but you don't have to enjoy it and you don't have to be particularly good at it.

    Basically, do you remember logic and truth tables from algebra classes?  Pay close attention to that stuff.  That's really the minimum.  If it doesn't make sense, simply work harder at it and get a tutor if necessary.  

    Also, focus extra attention and effort in a probability and statistics course.  You won't necessarily be DOING that math, but it would be useful.

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    You're trying to run with the herd, yet you say math is not your strong point. Listen to your gut. It seems you have analytical strengths, according to your statements here, but you haven't honed in quite right on where you want to go with it. Explore a little further. The last one in the herd loses. So find a better fit for you & your abilities.

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    Lots of things change when you are still in high school.

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