I stopped trying in my math class. Should I quit?

I'm taking Calc 2 and I'm just not motivated anymore. 

The teacher loses me all the time and I feel like I just can't go on anymore. 

Every time I do math, I take no pleasure in it and it feels like a burden. I'm extremely stressed out by it and have never felt so miserable. The dopamine that comes after I solve a problem just doesn't come anymore. 

I don't know what super great opportunities there are if I do complete my math courses, but right now it just doesn't feel worth it. 

I don't what to do anymore. 

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    Mid term mental burn out. Totally normal especially NOW when so.many classes are online. It's REALLY hard sometimes to keep yourself motivated in online classes.  

    Give yourself something of a mental vacation. I used to be afraid of math too. But I was fascinated by astronomy. 

    Go back to where you did understand what you were doing. Try an hour or 2 each day to work on math 4 or 5 days a week. Give your self a?10 minute break every 2 hours if you go longer. E mail it talk to the teacher or the teaching assistant. Find out from. Student services if they have tutors for calculus 2. 

    If you are sleep deprived, try going to bed a half hour or an hour earlier. 

    This may not increase your motivation. If it gets to the point you are know you probably are going to fail, then it is time to withdraw. Very likely you will need the teachers signature and your academic advisers permission. Talk to your academic adviser NOW. 

    I probably still have math testing anxiety. When I was working on my 3rd bachelors degree, In had to retake calculus 3. Calculus 3cwas requirement for BOTH the degree AND the major, a B.S. in physical geography. I had taken and passed calculus 3 more than 10 years before at a different university. I had also taken and passed both calculus 4 and 5 at the same university, but 9byears before. Any course more than 5 years old didn't count. Fortunately the professorvI had did understand math testing anxiety is REAL, not an excuse before being lazy and not trying. I passed the course with a C. I graduated. I was highly motivated. I wanted to go back to graduate school, but not for a masters decreed that required calculus 4 and 5. 

    Give yourself little rewards of some type for working on math. It's really cool when you see how the abstract math applies to problems in real life, like which way to turn the faucet to turn on the water to your house when it's raining at 11pm. 


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    If you need this course for your major, or to graduate, then suck it up andstart trying.  If not, then drop the course.

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