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The military has access to Directed Energy Weapons.  Do the state, or local police have access to it, as well?

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    Yes the NYPD does but don't have access to the satellite weapons but the FBI, DEA, and CIA does and probably the NYPDs intelligence unit with some sort of approval. Did they in 1984 probably not but the CIA and FBI did and DOD. They did already in the 70s. In fact methods of studying emf effects on the brain predate the industrial revolution. Probably was back in ancient Greece and Eygpt. In fact I don't believe that Homo Sapiens Sapiens did not make any tech advancements that were lost a few hundred thousands of years ago. The oldest found Homo Sapiens Sapiens is 160k but that's only the oldest discovered fossil. Radio carbon dating.

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    no such thing , many experimental attempts to produce them , nothing that works in the real world or combat , you can negate any energy weapon by holding up a mirror, an infra red laser or a maser can be used if you have the relevant time to deploy it and the large power source( truck?) with you

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