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    6 days ago

    1) Coronavirus

    Catching Coronavirus. Making his followers believe Co-Vid was no deadlier than the Flu after Telling Woodward it's 5x time more deadly. Our government feared our hospitals were going to be overwhelmed by Americans needing hospitalization and still trying to convince people herd immunity is a thing. While experts have said antibodies for this virus only last in our system for a few weeks. If we were going to see herd immunity take place it would have happened in California by now.

    2) China

    Ballooning by deficit by 3 trillion dollars by approving tax cuts for the rich by 2 trillion dollars that didn't have a plan to be paid for. Getting away with No conservative holding him accountable for having a plan to address the deficit. We're facing a dollar collapse by 33% at the end of 2021. We've seen Jeremy Powell more these last 2 months. The Fed doesn't usually get involved but now they're forced to. Trump wants to scream that if Democrats gain power we're being owned by China. But he's still borrowing from China and not addressing the deficit. No one is challenging him on that. Trump believed Xiping was his friend in the beginning of this year.  John Bolton stated that any criticism of Xiping ping Trump wouldn't hear it. This is while Trump praised China's handling of the virus. China is on track to surpass our economy in 2025. The dollar has been weakening. China has been pumping money in the Euro. Our allies have said they'd rather deal with China than America at this point. We used to host all the internal summits where we benefitted greatly from trade. Trump decided not to host them anymore and China swooped in and took that position we left. They made a lot of deals that benefited them in trades like farming while our farmers here suffered and wen ton to express their grievances to Trump. That's why Trump tried to make that trade deal with China that hasn't worked.

    3) rise of violence

    suppressed groups like neo-nazis surged hate crimes as soon as Trump took office. Trump has said as a strategy he wanted BLM to become violent and keep going to use them to win the election. more violent miltia has mobilized under Trump. America now holds the reputation for being one of the most violent developed countries of the first world. Trump certainly didn't bring peace to America but wars on the streets broke under his administration that didn't happen under Obama, Bush or Clinton.

    Trump's greatest accomplishment is putting the majority of Americans in a false sense of security, encouraging them to act against own best interests and boiling them slowly alive. We want objectively all see that the current state of America is bad, in fact, the worst it's been in decades. But somehow he's convinced his followers that everything is fine and every other alternative will bring them in turmoil while Trump is the one who's brought us in current turmoil His followers will not believe it. Trump has created blind followers that no other US President has done in recent years. 

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    7 days ago

    He exposed CNN as fake news. That's pretty good. 

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    Bill Barr, Roger Stone and Paul Mannafort to do his evil bidding.

  • 1 week ago

    Semiconscious with best answer

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  • 1 week ago

    1. The travel ban from China back in January, preventing covid being worse.

    2. Lowering taxes which allowed ,ore companies free to hire more people.

    3.Getting rid of the Obama care mandate requiring us to have it even if we didn't want it.

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    1 week ago

    Avoiding impeachment

    Paying 750.00 in taxes

    Being able to convince people of his lies.

  • 1 week ago

    #1 would be the economy.

    #2 better deals for the U.S. from trade deals to countries paying more of their fair share of things.

    #3 better worldwide peace without getting our country into any more conflicts and actually getting our troops out of conflicts created by previous administrations.

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    Avoiding a jail term.

    Duping millions into believing HE was due credit for Obama's economic success.

    Convincing all those suckers that he was a 'regular guy' / "man of the people."

  • 1 week ago

    I am a huge Trump critic, but being fair here there are a few things that he has done that I am fine with, but not necessarily the method he used to accomplish the result.  #1, I think his SC nominees have all been reasonable.  Kavanaugh is questionable, but Trump could have done much worse. #2 Re-examining trade deals.  Things like NAFTA were signed a long ago when the world and the economy were different, and re-negotiating them needed to happen. I disagree with his vitriolic method, though.  3) not croaking from Covid.  

  • 1 week ago

    1.  Keeping the wig on for so long.

    2.  Telling so many lies and saying he doesn't lie with straight face.

    3.  Hiding his tax returns for so long.

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