Why does Hamilton have to react to what Jackie Stewart has to say about him?     He should be proud of his achievements without the need?

There may, of course, be some truth in the fact he has been in the right place, at the right time and IN THE RIGHT CAR!!

Update 2:

I have never liked comparing any successful sportsman of one generation vs another of a different generation.   I do wonder whether it was Hamilton who made Mercedes so successful, or Mercedes who made Hamilton successful however.   I note that Jackie S. has now backed off!!

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    I've read what he said and he actually has a point. He raised that you can't compare drivers from different generations as its basically a different sport. He along with a lot of modern drivers especially when they are in their prime, often get negative comments from the legends. Schumacher did at his best. Time seems to grow the legend. Lewis won't be considered an all time great for 5-10 years after his retirement when the performances on the track every week become forgotten and your memories hone in on the raw stats and the moments of brilliance

    The funny thing is Jackie Stewart's top 2 drivers are drivers he grew up idolising. Fangio and Clark. They weren't as good as he thinks they are but because he grew up idolising them he see's it that way. I'd argue why do the legends who should know this need to comment and put down one of the best of all time. Time for Jackie and the other talking heads to shut up and appreciate, it's a different sport now. Fangio and Clark could not compete now, put Lewis in one of those cars with his fitness and skill, he'd dominate.

  • there's no doubt about that,  Mercedes became and have continued to be top dogs, from the season after Hamilton Joined them, and honestly the figures do lie, he is not as great a driver as either Senna, Schumacher, or Clarke

    And it's probably the Truth in what Stewart has been saying that is getting under his skin..

    The machines are different and theres no comparsin there, but nobody can deny the lofted position Mercedes have held for easily well over a decade, he wants to argue than he's better than what some like me give him credit for?,  then why didn't he move to a lesser team and completely prove all the critics wrong?

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