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What Is Your Greatest Los Angeles Lakers Moment In History (Updated 2020)?

(1) Drafting Magic Johnson In 1979 (2) Los Angeles Lakers Inaugural Debut (1960-1961) (3) Jerry West And Elgin Baylor's Rise To The Top (4) The Fabulous Forum (Stadium) (5) Acquiring Kareem Abdul Jabbar (6) Acquiring Wilt Chamberlain (7) 1972 NBA Champs Via The 33-Game Winning Streak (8) 1980 NBA Finals Performance Of Magic Johnson (9) Rise Of The Showtime Era In The 1980s (10) NBA Titles For The LakeShow In The 1980s: 1982, 1985, 1987 And 1988 (10) Chick Hearn's 3,000th Lakers Broadcast (1998) (11) Magic Johnson's Retirement/HIV Positive Announcement (12) Nick Van Exel The Next Franchise Star (13) Return Of Magic Johnson (1996) (14) Drafting And Acquiring Kobe Bryant (15) Shaquille O'Neal Joins The LakeShow (16) Hiring Phil Jackson (17) Staples Center Is Built (18) 2000 To 2002. Three-Peat Of Success (19) Kobe Bryant Switches Numbers From 8 To 24 (20) 81 Points For Kobe Bryant (21) 2009 NBA Champs The Lakers (22) Kobe Bryant The New Lakers All-Time Leading Scorer Plus Another NBA Title (2010) (23) 60 Points In The Final Game Of Kobe Bryant (2016) (24) Kobe Bryant's Tragic 2020 Death Shocked The World (25) Acquiring Lebron James (26) Anthony Davis Joining The Lakers And (27) 2020 NBA Champions For The 17th Time In History 


The Bonus Moment In Lakers History: Andre Ingram's NBA Debut At 32 Years Old (2018) No Thirty Something Would Make His Lakers Grand Debut 

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    The 72 Laker team had the best pure talent I ever saw in a team.  Wilt, West, Goodrich, even Pat Riley had a role to play.

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