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Why is Trump pretending the wealthiest states, CA, NY and IL, are "going to hell"? Blue states pay to keep his worthless supporters alive!?

More decomposition b.s. from Trump.  In fact, if it weren't for the $billions hard-working tax-paying blue state residents send to parasitic red states every single year, all red staters would be living in worse-than third world conditions. And we all know it.

Trump claimed that the "violence" in blue states was “easily fixable”. If it's so "easily fixable", why didn't Trump and the GOP "fix" it?  They had two years when they controlled every branch of government without any opposition whatsoever.  So why didn't they "fix" blue states and our cities?  And don't blame Democrats, Trump toadies.  Trump is your superhero, why didn't he "easily" fix them?

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    Our laws are set up such that the federal govt. can't do law enforcement, except for federal laws.  If a major or governor asks for federal help, they can help.  Otherwise they have to stay out.  They also can't use the military for crowd control.  Trump was upset that the mayors of the cities weren't calling for federal assistance, in fact they went on the news to tell Trump to butt out.

    Republicans have ALWAYS used a blame-the-victim strategy.  They've always believed the poor were to blame for their own poverty.  The Puerto Ricans were to blame for the hurricane.  Remember when Trump told the widow "Well, he knew what he was getting into."?  And how forests burned in California because California managed them wrong, when they're all FEDERAL forests.  And how 'we almost lost Portland' and it was Portland's own fault.

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