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Is Joe Biden in favor or against 2nd stimulus payments for qualified U.S. Citizens?  ?

Also:  I would like to know if Donald Trump is using possible 2nd stimulus check as bartering chip to win the election.  ?

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    3 months ago

    Trump last week offered up a proposal for a " Clean Bill " that was stimulus checks only . No complications , no Pork , nothing to argue about .

    The Democrat Congress shot it down because it did not benefit the Leftists Pet Projects .

  • 3 months ago

    They're both in favor of further stimulus payments to US citizens. Democrats want to expand stimulus payments to include local and state governments, which the Democrats don't find necessary. And yes, Trump is trying to use the stimulus check as leverage. He said as much when he tried to halt stimulus payments until after the election. Note I'm saying Trump and not Republicans for that one. Republicans in Congress have just kept working at another round of stimulus payments. 

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