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Why is it that people never the 3pros and 2 cons about transgender people competing in sports?


1. Supports were never ever 100% equal and based on tangible factors like resources , officiating, some people born with physical advantages in height/ muscles, weight , some people born with physical disability, not everyone recovering from injuries the same way,  some people cheating, differences in coaching and nutrition , differences in motivation and heart sports were never equal and will never be 100% equal.

2. Rules have changed for safety and to minimize the dominance of a particular athlete. In basketball for example look how the rules were changed because wilt chamberlain , Shaq and MJ were so dominate

3. Despite physical disadvantages countless occasions in sports prove that an individual can overcome size disparities. Think about it a black belt has a deceive advantage   over a white belt regardless of size, gender


1. some sports are have a bigger focus just on strength rather that  anything else and it does not provide an opportunity to implement a strategy in offense or defense against like for example power lifting and throwing javelin

2. not every support adjust rules to minimize individual dominance and ensure safety at the same pace. So think about how many people could get hurt or how long individual dominance would stagnate a sport before change is implemented.

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    People do..........................not 'never' at all.

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