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Healthy Walmart Food?

What is the best meal plan for a 25 year old male with food that I can get strictly from Walmart.  I've been trying to eat better bananas, asparagus, fish and cantaloupe slices are some of my favorite.  I'm looking for a 3 meal + a day guide to really get my metabolism going and start working out.  The thing is I lack any cooking skills.  I usually start off strong but really feel a lack of direction and often feel hungry like I don't eat a full meal on healthy food and wind up getting fast food later on.  Breakfast is particularly hard for me because it feels limited on selection I don't know what to make/ eat and will often skip it.  What is a good resource that provides healthy easy to make meals that will make me feel full?  I'm really bad at sticking to a schedule so something that can help me have all my meals planned out for like a month I think would take a load of stress off my mind.  

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    Ketogenic diet.  It's not hard to steam vegetables or to grill or pan fry meats.  Lots of information online.  And avoid fruits most of the time. Berries in moderation are ok. 

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    Sorry I refuse to shop at walmart.

    You can go to any supermarket. Go into the produce aisle, that is where you should start your shopping.

    Eggs are easy and cheap to make. Heck you can make an omelet with stuff let the night before (usually veggies). Or toast a couple slice of bread and fry a couple eggs up.

    Nut, nut are very healthy for you, stay away from salted or honey roasted or flavored nuts. Raw is even better.

    If you prepare food for week. I know people who make large amounts of food on the weekend with the purpose of dividing into single portion and freezing for later.

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    Yep, there's a lot of healthy food at Walmart -- plus you can find cookbooks as well as cooking tools.

    Breakfast: You can have scrambled eggs for breakfast.  It isn't hard to scramble a couple of eggs.  There are dozens of YouTube videos you can use as a guide.  You can also eat plain yogurt with your own fruit. 

    At lunch you can eat a salad -- Walmart sells pre-washed/pre-cut salads in bags or you can but the lettuce.  Add in whatever you like: cucumber, green onion, carrots, bell pepper, avocado, radishes, tomatoes, etc.  Add in some deli meat like turkey, ham or beef.   No actually cooking required.  You can also look at getting canned soup.  

    Dinner:  You are going to have to learn to make a few things. Again, use YouTube or cooking/recipe websites for recipes and who-to instruction.  It really isn't that hard to either pan sauté or oven bake chicken breasts.  You an do several at a time so you have some left over for other meals.  Ground beef or turkey is the foundation of many dishes from tacos to chili to pasta dishes.  You can also make your own burger with better quality meat. You can get frozen veggies and heat them in a microwave or sauté or roast your own. 

    A key here is that you have to stop coming up with excuses and start taking some responsibility.  Basic cooking isn't hard.  Once you get the foundation, you can start experimenting with  recipes that mix in more ingredients and or flavorings.  

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    The same as most other supermarkets. Avoid processed foods. Go for lean protein options, and plenty of fresh veggies and fruits. For carbs go for complex carbs...whole grain bread/pasta (for example). Avoid "white" foods (white bread, pasta made with white flour, foods with a lot of refined sugar). 


    For breakfast an omelet with some veggies mixed in would be healthy and filling. Whole grain toast, fruit, and/or raw veggies are food also. Plain Greek yogurt is also good, and you can add in some fruit and/or honey for sweetness if desired. 


    Look up healthy foods online and you'll find TONS of options and recipes (lots of sites out there with suggestions). 

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