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Does it mean that person never really liked you if they start ignoring you?

I met this person while I was studying abroad and we dated for like a week only because I had to go back to my country. But we spent every day and night together and had a lot of fun and liked each other a lot. So we texted for a couple of weeks but then that person suddenly stopped responding to my text. I'm kinda confused, I don't know if it's something I said or what. We live on opposite sides of the globe. We're not together or anything, but did plan to see each other again in the future. Even I he had met someone else, is it a reason to ignore a friend? I don't understand. 


You guys are so rude and disrespectful

Update 2:

Please don't use the word banging

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    The person did like you but only for that time being. You spent a great time together. That person was simply having an adventure of lifetime. As you both are living on opposite sides of the globe, it hardly makes a difference that the person would bother to be morally appropriate. He must be having a life of his own and you too have one. Treasure it and move on. You will definitely meet the one who would know your worth.. All the luck! 

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    There is nothing wrong with the other answers, you are obsessing over some guy who lives on the other side of the world - he's hardly going to live his life wondering what you are doing if he's too busy banging another girl. Just get yourself another man closer to home. If he REALLY wanted to be with you, he would make at least the tiniest bit of effort.

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    You don't know what is going on in his life, especially when the person lives far away from you... and if he did meet someone else, then that person would probably not appreciate him talking to other women. I do agree that it's not nice when a person just stops all contact, but like I said, if he lives far away then it's easy for him to not bother explaining himself to you.

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    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  You are now in the bushes....

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