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How long can you have leukemia without knowing?

I have an issue. I always bruise. 

Over the years, I’ve gotten my blood tested for multiple of reasons. One being bruising. 

So I have enlarged lymph nodes on the side of my neck for a year. I got my blood tested last year in December to check if my CBC was normal. Which it was. I’ve been having random bruising again and my gums bled yesterday. (I also got a CT scan of my neck which was normal)

Should I get my blood retested? I’ve been getting to tested for years and it’s been normal. I just don’t know why I get these strange bruising all the time. 

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    What does your doctor say about your bruising?

    When someone has bruising due to leukemia, it is because their platelet count is very, very low.  If you had a normal CBC in December, then your bruising at that time was not due to leukemia.

    If you are concerned about bruising, see your doctor.  But if you've always had normal platelets, the bruising is not because of leukemia.

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    you still don't have that

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