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Could the Vietnam war have been won if the UK sent troops to assist the US, South Vietnamese, Australia and New Zealand ?

Although I do think the war itself was utterly pointless to start with just like Iraq 2003 invasion. However if the UK decided to send a large amount of troops over to Vietnam to fight the north and vietcong do you think having extra British military troops and more political intervention from the UK could have turn the tide of the war in south Vietnams favour? Or could it have ended in a stalemate and Vietnam becoming like Korea being split in two ending in an armistice? 

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    The Vietnam War (and Korean War) could have been avoided at the Malta Conference. Russia wanted Korea back, it was all theirs at one point in history. It should have been made clear at that point they would not be allowed to occupy it with troops. But there was some question about how the rules governing occupation in Europe would be applied in Korea (and the rest of the Pacific Ocean combat zone).

    Vietnam and the rest of what was called "French Indo-China" should not have been returned to France for occupation.

    Vietnam and the rest of the region had been fighting the Japanese occupation army for several years. They wanted the foreign interests out and to return to their own form of government. They should have received assistance to repair the damage done by the war and been given the right of self determination at that time.

    That was a war bullets could not win!

    History shows that in the long term Communism failed the region and now  a form of capitalism is funding the things that society needed then. If the money spent on warfare had been spend aiding a self determined government some twenty years earlier, a lot of lives could have been saved on both sides.

    So more British aid would not have changed the eventual outcome!

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    huh?? we won the vietnam war

    we went into vietnam to stop north vietnam from taking over-- they didn't

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    The UK was not going to be involved in Viet-Nam or the Indochinese War post 1954. The governments of the day and public opinion were totally against the American efforts in SE Asia.  The British had their fill of jungle war in the Malaya "Emergency", 1948 - 1960.

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