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Can the patternity test be kept secret?

My girlfriend is going to give birth soon and I don't know if the child is mine or her husband. The thought of another man raising my child kills me. There is a better chance the child will be mine. So it comes down to how it plays. If the child is her husband's then we just act like the affair never happened. But if the child is mine, she will confess and I agreed to let her move in with me so we can raise our child. My problem is if the child is her husband then at some point he could find out about the patternity test anyways and question why we have one. So he may find out we cheated anyways. 

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    So you guys are conspiring to keep information from this man that his wife was unfaithful, is pregnant with a child that might not be his, opened him up to STIs, and continues to be untrustworthy by planning a DNA test behind his back?  Ugh. 

    I suppose it's theoretically possible, but it makes both you and her horrible people who get more horrible each day you keep this secret.

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    If you order the test, pay the lab fees, and all she does is meet up with you somewhere one afternoon so you can do the baby's cheek swab, there's no way the husband would find out (unless he checks her phone) because you would have medical confidentiality. And if the kid isn't yours, then you can both take your secrets to the grave. If he IS yours, then might as well come clean since the husband will find out eventually. 

  • 2 months ago

    If your girlfriend is married and sleeping with you, her husband could do so much better, he should get rid of her if she is cheating, especially if the child ends up being yours.

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