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44 yr old male said he has never tried any alcohol, nor any coffee/energy drink. When I asked why he chose not to, he said "no reason."?

First, in moving from teen to adult to grown man, unless one was a nerd with zero friends, someone has offered u a latte or invited you to a party where alcohol is being served. Nightclubs, bars, restaurants in our area have a culture of having a drink. So, to go through college with all the frat/sorority/everything else gatherings where alcohol or coffee is offered, there is a reason you say, no. 

Example: I have never tried cocaine. Why? It's illegal and I do not want to take the risk I'd like that and end up in a rehab. Yes, it happens with alcohol, yet, I personally have been great at knowing my limit and keeping it there. So, if u ask me why not cocaine, I can tell you.

So, my question is, why won't he just say why he chooses to say, no, to alcohol, coffee, caffeine?


@ Chris: u missed the premise of the question. I wont go any further, since u dont get it.

Update 2:

For other future responders who are not on the spectrum. The question isn't WHY DOESNT HE DRINK, WEIRDO. 

The question is, logically, everyone has a reason for choosing not to do something that is a rite of passage and is constantly presented throughout life. So, the question was, why is he uncomfortable sharing this reason as it is implausible not to have one in this scenario. @A.J. understood the question amd is intellectually gifted. 

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    Many people refuse to admit to that which is in their minds or train their mind not to think. If he went to any college, he failed in its prime purpose of teaching how to think. There is an incentive not to admit why he's different from the vast majority. There are special things going on, say as a counter example to yours, "I was raised a Muslim" now has connotations. That would explain the alcohol, but not the coffee.

    A purist of body would avoid many things including alcohol and caffeine.

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    Why must he have a reason?  Just because YOU have a reason doesn't mean that he has to.  He probably didn't fancy the drinks etc at the time they were offered.  He appears to be happy with his choices in life.  It hasn't done him any harm in 44 years has it.  Maybe he prefers water and his friends accept that.  Why don't you?

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    Maybe they have deeply personal reasons not to share intimate information with you. Also, there are some religious sects that are very effective in persuading their followers to abstain from alcohol and caffeine.

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