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American conservatives, don't you have any good people left?

Amy Thorn, the registered nurse from West Virginia who recently spoke at the Republican National Convention to defend Donald Trump’s response to the COVID crisis, has been arrested for shooting a woman in the stomach during an argument:


Amy Jolene Thorn, 39, of Williamson is charged with malicious or unlawful assault, according to a criminal complaint from Mingo County Magistrate Court.

Update 2:

I guess no one can actually step back and examine the pattern of truly shitty behavior exhibited by nearly everyone conservative lately. Why is that?

Update 3:

Who was doing all the murdering during the protests? Right wing militia types. Domestic terrorists who usually waved a Confederate flag, as they shouted about liberal tears. Who just tried to kidnap the governor  of Michigan? That wasn't left wing who attempted that.

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    Jeffrey, you on the right already do that with black people. Who are you trying to kid here? 

    No, they won't examine themselves here and demand better behavior from their own or better reps with an R by their name. It's wild. The GOPers can do and say whatever, then contradict that, then lie about contradicting themselves, all with a straight face. Trying to shame them doesn't work as you can see. Any actual moral or upright conservatives left are squirming in the corners or helping get Biden elected. 

    They could justify raping a fetus on 5th Avenue, after shooting up heroin, as they used the Bible's torn out pages to roast marshmallows. This, they will scream, is family values, this is patriotic, this is FREEDOM. All  while sniveling that Portland, Oregon has been burned down to make way for Antifa re-education camps. They're empty-eyed whores, at this point. Being used ruthlessly until they're too broken to be used anymore. They mostly just know to croak 'But the Democrats...". That's all that's left of the Grand Old Party these days.  

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    I like that Jeffrey’s last line was ‘ignorant hypocrite.’ It appropriately looks like it’s his signature. 

    This is not about a couple of bad apples in the Republican Party giving the rest of them a bad name. This is about widespread racism that permeates every aspect of daily life, and those who refuse to see it, or worse to care about it. Combine this with the white privilege, which is mistaken as being the ‘opportunities that all Americans enjoy,’ and you can start to see a basis for this problem.

    These White Americans (not all white Americans are like this, the but nearly all are white) can’t get their head out of their asses long enough to turn off Fox News. Fox demagogues erroneously convinces these white, dare I say, racial whites it’s not the blacks who are being mistreated, it is in fact them who are the victims. They ignore the evidence it is the establishment, of which many are a part of, which is often the perpetrators, or at the very least, they are standing in the way of making progress towards fairness or equality. 

    It’s too uncomfortable for them to face it so they go on the attack - just the word ‘liberal’ is enough to send them into a moral tizzy stoking irrational fears of religious suppression, taking your guns away, socialism, even communism amongst a whole host of moral depravities. In reality, however, these Republicans are the ones who are lacking morals, particularly religious one. What they really have is suppression, hypocrisy, lies and greed.

    This is what’s left of the Republican Party. The good ones, the true conservative, who actually had some moral high ground, ran for the doors long ago. The ones who put yard signs supporting Trump are, I would dare to say, downright un-American.

    Trump is overly trying to subvert our American democracy. If that isn’t enough, there’s been arguably 150,000+ unnecessary American deaths directly attributable to his handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I know y-all don’t like to hear that, but it is what it is!

    Each one of those numbers was a person who was part of a family. Those families aren’t over it, they’re still grieving, and will be four years. Just imagine for a minute that you lost you mom, or your dad to COVID. And then you find out that Trump knew how dangerous it was back in January and played it down. If he hadn’t, there’s a better than even chance your parent would still be alive. 

    These are not hypotheticals! 

    In a recorded call, Trump confessed how dangerous it was, back in January, and he chose to play it down. 

    The statistics show that, per capita, we have double the death rate of Canada, more than 50X the death rate of Japan, which has a much higher percent of the venerable population (elderly). It’s like 160X the death rate of China, and something like 2000X that of Vietnam. 

    All of my life the US has lead the world in nearly every field, especially science and medicine. That is, until Trump’s MAGA campaign attacked America. 

    In case that’s not enough, just look at the unprecedented number of officials, former officials, military, professionals, etc., who have come out and are still coming out against Trump. They’re all stating he is a danger to our democracy and to our security. Never have I seen anything like that. Many of these folks are giving up their lifelong careers to speak up. Do you really think they are all doing it just because they don’t like Trump? Good common sense would seem to dictate otherwise. 

    Sadly, I feel comfortable saying those who are still fighting to get Trump re-elected  don’t really give a crap about other (non-white) people or their country. It doesn’t matter what you might say or how much you wine, or go in the attack, the evidence speaks for itself. 

    Pick up a newspaper, switch your channel, or start getting news from PBS (if you’re objecting to this because you believe it’s biased, you’ve obviously not watched it). News isn’t always comfortable to hear. Calling a news source ‘fake news’ because they aren’t saying what you want to hear is just a cop-out. 

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    5 months ago

    American liberals and progressives do you have any good people at all?

  • 5 months ago

    If you're a CONservative then by default you're a terrible human being. 

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    5 months ago

    So the actual true representation of the Confederates south are the modern day Republicans.No, actually the last decent Republican would have been Abraham Lincoln however in today’s world he would have actually been considered a Democrat. The political landscape changed from the 19th century to the 20th century and Republicans became Democrats and southern Democrats became Republicans.So the actual true representation of the Confederates south are the modern day Republicans. If Qanon we’re real thing this man would be behind bars

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    You know the drill there are bad people in all walks of life better let them expose themselves and work behind the scenes to get it done. 

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    Hmmm.  That sounds a lot like profiling to me and I thought you libs were all against that.  Would it be OK if I identified something that one Black person did and claim that it represented what all Black people would do?  Ignorant hypocrite.

  • Bill
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    5 months ago

    Nice job failing to read the story.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Stereotype much hater. Were you as concerned by all the people murdered during the 6 months of Democrat riots. It's funny how people like you have nothing better to do on a Saturday than spread hate.

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