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Why couldn't the coronavirus have been contained in Wuhan before it became a worldwide pandemic?

I still don't understand why it spread so fast and it's everywhere in the world.  Even Paul McCartney felt those wet markets in China is medieval and whoever is responsible for this virus outbreak is at war with itself.  I do think this virus outbreak is just so weird that in the modern times we are living in with modern healthcare and technology that it's still everywhere.  Either people still don't think this virus is real and are deliberately spreading it out of ignorance or the leaders of each nation are not doing enough to stop it especially the U.S.

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    Do you remember in the US the first cases were in Seattle and Boston? By then Wuhan was under quarantine so we knew the seriousness. But we were not able to set up road blocks and keep people from leaving those cities. When New York had its outbreak, people were again allowed to leave. It spread to the entire country and here we are. Strangely they found the virus in sewers of Spain from Spring of 2019. This is very mysterious. 

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    Because it was originally thought that the virus was being spread by animals, not humans, so no one knew what needed to be done to contain it.  However, once it was discovered that humans were spreading it, China did contain it very well -- unlike the U.S.

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    That's on the bsing of china and the gullability of the WHO

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