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How greatly do u want a child of ur own? Scale of 1 to 10(10 being the highest desire)?

Why do u want one and do u want a boy or girl

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    Maybe an 8 right now. I definitely want a kid because I do want to be a parent and get to experience my child growing up and all the things like that. If I could only have one child, idk maybe a girl?? But sometimes I want a boy. Ideally, I'd have 4 kids (2 boys, 2 girls).

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    1. I don't really want a child at all, neither boy nor girl. There are more than enough people on this planet already. Having a child at this point is pure selfishness.

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    7½/10 .


    I want three girls Serenity, Felicity, and Trinity. Trinity being the youngest and having the most to learn in her lifetime. Serenity being the oldest going through life with a breeze but then past her college days and into adulthood she turns a cold shoulder to her family. And then Felicity the middle child, she will be very confused throughout her life, and she will be the damsel in distress of the family. 

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    That’s a 10 for me.

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