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Do you Harry Potter fans such as me hope the reboot brings back it's proper dark-fantasy roots?  Deathly Hallows sucks compared to the 1st!?

I sure hope so.  We have family movie nights every weekend and it took a while to get thru every Harry movie but omg!  Deathly Hallows 2 I sure don't remember being this violent and scary!  Sorrceror's Stone is nowhere near being like that, here's the de-evolution details:

Sorrceror's Stone-Goblet Of Fire 2001-05:Your average dark fantasy movie.  Bright, magical yet dark and gritty at times(usually during Voldemort scenes)hence the genre dark-fantasy, feels like The Goonies from 1985.

Order Of The Phoenix-Halfblood Prince 2007-09:Colorful at first but fades to grey-green as it progresses, more serious toned gritty-fantasy.

Deathly Hallows 1 2010:HP universe pulling the plug by this one turning it into nearly R-rated colorless menacing horror, it even has a snake scare that made me almost pee my pants.

Deathly Hallows 2 2011-Post pulled plug consumed by vampirism, really scary and violent, tons of blood, shrieking/loud screaming(don't know how many times a female character shrieks in this movie), gore, jump scares, etc, I can Not believe this is rated PG-13!  It's way beyond the border of being rated R.  It is portrayed like it's a vampire movie instead of HP I was like "This is HARRY!  Not Queen Of The Damned!" and there's a reason Twilight has those characteristics.  Sorcerror's Stone is my favorite Harry movie.


And how can either Deathly Hallows show all that scary/violent/gritty/teeny make overs (especially the vision of Harry and Herm kissing nude) in a kid's movie I mean never EVER SHOW THIS IN A KID MOVIE, EVER!!!!  And what's up with all this scariness which serves no purpose for being there but to frighten children?  That's not very nice isn't it.

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    There is no announced reboot of the Harry Potter films. 

    The only major Harry Potter related projects in production are The Fantastic Beasts prequel films and the next-gen video game Hogwarts Legacy.

    The books themselves do get progressively darker as the series went on, so it is not like the films went darker for no reason.

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    David Yates still be receivin' complaints about thar last 2 sequels scaring little kids to death.  Me love Harry Potter too and me be hatin' the last 3!  Harry And The Deathly Hallows 2 should be rated R with all of that scary and violent stuff.  Me be feelin' sorry yar dident like it.  Ar reboot is to be expected once all thar Fantastic Beasts movies be through, then they hopefully be makin' it beautiful and magical and not pulling thar plug latarrr.  How many times a girl/womin be shriekin' in DH 2, about 50!  Harry Potter, arrr ye ready kid?

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