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Dave asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 4 months ago

Is it because COVID Donny campaigned big time in Wisconsin?? Most of them with no masks, while he did his typical lying routine campagning?

Right now Wisconsin is battling the worst coronavirus outbreak in America. The question is why. What about Wisconsin is different from, say, the neighboring states of Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois, where the virus isn’t spreading nearly as fast? 

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  • 4 months ago

    Donald Trump does not lie while campaigning. It just seems like lies to you because it doesn't match the phony stories that the Democrats have told about Trump. 

    Trump did not collude with Russians, and he didn't try 

    to coerce the Ukraine leader into anything. Even the Ukraine leader he talked to on the famous phone call said he didn't feel pressured to do anything.

    Anything else is just trivial things that you claim are lies.

    Like he's mistaken about which day he went to the store, so therefore, he's lying. Or when Biden said 2 million died instead of 200,000 died. Not even that can be considered a lie, because a lie is a purposeful thing. But Democrats don't have the grace to see that. 

    Instead of being so hateful to our president, maybe you should spend your time and energy on something more constructive. 

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