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Can you name a classical composer who had a son who is also a classical Composer?

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    Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Strauss, etc. The list goes on.

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    Johann Sebastian Bach had several sons who were composers:

    - Carl Philipp Emanuel

    - Johann Christian

    - Johann Christof Friedrich

    - Willhem Friedemann

    Johann Sebastian himself was also the son of a composer - Johann Ambrosius Bach.

    There is the Hellmesberger family of composers: Georg Snr and his two sons Josef and Georg Jnr. Two of Josef'as sons also became composers: Ferdinand and Josef Jnr.

    Gustav Holst's daughter Imogen was a composer.

    Elizabeth Maconchy's daughter is also a composer – Nicola LeFanu

    Alfred Newman and his son Thomas Newman

    Jumping a generation, Sergei Prokofiev's grandson is Gabriel Prokofiev

    Alessandro Scarlatti was a composer and father of composers Domenico and Pietro.

    The Stamitz family of composers was notable during the 18th century: father Johann and two of his sons, Anton and Carl.

    Johann Strauss Snr had several composer sons:

    - Johann Jnr (the most famous one)

    - Eduard

    - Josef

    Russian composer Nikolai Tcherepnin's sons Alexander (the best known), Sergei and Ivan were all also composers, as was Alexander's son Sergei.

    Richard Wagner's son Siegfried followed in his father's footsteps as a composer of lavish German-language operas.Samuel Wesley ('the English Mozart') was the father of Samuel Sebastian Wesley, most famous for his hymn tunes.

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    There was a whole multi-generational family of French composers named Couperin.

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    Jerry Goldsmith / Joel Goldsmith

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    The Bach family went on for generations.  So does the modern Newman family. So many families like this exist, I wonder why you would ask here - it is pretty common knowledge.  Every profession has this - law, baseball, basketball, acting, brewing, etc.  

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    2 months ago

    Johann Strauss I & II

  • Kathy
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    2 months ago

    Johann Sebastian Bach whose son Johann Christian Bach was also a composer.

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    Richard & Siegfried Wagner

    Alessandro & Domenico Scarlatti

    Leopold & Wolfgang Mozart

    Johann Sebastian Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, and Johann Christian Bach

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