I don’t get/understand ASMR but I want to understand it better...      kinda?

First of all I might not have the best title for this post so please bear with my on that one.


Some of the streamers on Twitch do ASMR but I well...      just don’t get it really.

I mean what is ASMR for really?

Is it for meditation, relaxation, or just plain chilling out man?

From what little I understand whenever anyone anywhere does it that is usually sounds like people are talking in a whisper like voice.

Which I assume is normal as everyone I personally have seen perform ASMR do speak/have spoken like that on steam & ALL stream/the whole stream.

So this & overall I’m just as well trying to figure out what the purpose of ASMR is.


Also I have no idea what question category for this post is best so I just put it under the other/misc section of where it automatically tried to place this post.

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  • 2 months ago
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    autonomous sensory meridian response...

    Meridians are generally the pathways for energy flow through the body, and you can get ASMR simply by sitting and relaxing. Anyone can do it, in virtually any set of environments and conditions.

    Most people get that kind of euphoria. Some through meditation, some through drugs, some through drinking alcohol just to get mellow. But most people are so tense and stressed that they don't realize that they are going through it.

    Its purpose? to cope with stress! Sometimes, it's just about giving up and accepting the worst.

  • 2 months ago

    Hmm...      I wonder if this is something I should do at night when it’s silent & everyone is asleep?

    I could be wrong but if I had to guess maybe as much silence as possible helps during this (with the exception of whatever stream of this I’m watching at any time).

    I mention this as I do have roommates but at night unlike me they are usually asleep as well as well they’re good people & all but I might need TOTAL concentration & focus to get into it by the sound of it.

    Plus I be like I looked some of this up before but I did not really understand the answers from the search results I got in full.

    True story

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    2 months ago

    It's probably a new pseudoscience. I listen to podcasts of rain as I fall asleep, just because I like the sound.

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