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Why did my friend block me, I'm so depressed, please help?

so basically im 17 and ive had a crush on a guy named warren for a month who is also 17 and plays baseball and hes in my english class but school is virtual right now and so far when we first met i added him on snapchat because his ex girlfriend is my friend and she gave me his snap and at first it went well and we snapped normally and gradually i became more and more into him and developed an extreme crush and kept asking him to hangout and facetime even when he would say no i would keep asking and trying over and over and he started ghosting me and not opening my snaps so i started posting about him on my story referring to him as my crush then the next day he messaged me saying he doesn't like me that way and stuff and I said its fine and asked if we can still be friends and he didnt reply then I asked if we can FaceTime and he randomly removed me im so confused what did I do wrong we were friends 

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    So all this angst has happened in only 4 weeks.  That's not long enough to become really close friends with someone.  You need FAR more time to get to know someone and it takes time.  It wasn't an instant attracton for either of you.  You added this boy on SC and he was happy for that to happen and all went well at first - like a normal friendly relationship.  Within this short period of time 28 days, you formed an enormous crush (I wonder why that was?  What was lacking in your life that made you SO needy?)  You say yourself 'I kept asking him to hangout & facetime'  The operative word here is KEPT.  You must have been very quick off the mark in those 28 days to start pestering him for attention - even after he said NO because he obviously wanted to take everything more slowly.  But you ignored that.  You KEPT on in the hopes he'd give in and he didn't.  You became a pest very quickly and now he wants to escape from you and your needy behaviour.  Most people can't take neediness and he's just a very young man so can't handle it so has withdrawn.  Within 28 days you had formed a fantasy about this guy who by now doesn't want to know you and were posting publicly that he was your crush etc.  What were you thinking of?  Even now you think that you and he were friends - but you weren't - because you didn't give this budding possible friendship time to form.  You skated from A-Z (strangers to marriage and family) in 4 whole weeks.  I think you need some counselling to find out why you are SO needy.  

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    It appears that he is not interested in you romantically. The attempts to get his attention may have been a bit overwhelming for him. Give him some space and let this go. Continuing to push him into being your friend or remaining in contact with you will only drive him further away. 

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    He just is not into you, accept it. Leave him alone, or find out what a harassment suit means.

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    I think that he may be confused about that and that he only sees you as a friend. Just ignore him.

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