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Where to go in germany for scenery and castles?

Next year I have 9 days to spend in germany. What city (or 2 at the most) should I visit to see picturesque views and castles? Also should I add 2-3 days in Switzerland?

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    I'd recommend a quick jaunt to Salzburg, which is in Austria but still very close.  The castle there is great.  Past that, go to Schwangau to see Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.  Be aware they don't allow photography inside, though.  I also really enjoyed the castle in Nuremburg, as well as a tour of their catacombs.

    And if you're adding another country, I'd recommend Austria over Switzerland.  Both are great places, but Austria tends to be more scenic.  Hallstat is awesome.

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    Take a Rhine River cruise from Mainz to Koblenz. There are lots of castles along the route. You can do this from a base in Frnakfurt if you choose.

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    Try the Rhein valley, from Koblenz to Mannheim, and to Heidelberg which is not in the Rhein valley but is close to it and easy to get to by train. Schloss Heidelberg is well worth a visit and the town is very walkable. Take a river cruise if at all possible.

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