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Can caravans be repurposed or recycled?

Is there a good use for old caravans or can they be recycled effectively?

I have disposed of two, and used one for raising chickens.

 There was quite a lot of steel for the main chassis which went as steel scrap, and the outer skin is usually aluminium, but everything else is just a nightmare to dispose of, namely - 

Rotten framing wood and thin plywood with lots of staples and nails,

Polystyrene - usually mouldy and broken.

Plastic sheeting,

Plastic trim,


Glass in aluminium frames.

Is there an effective means of disposal other than landfill?

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  • 2 months ago

    The framed glass can be used to make cold-frames and greenhouses. You might be able to use carpeting strips to smother weeds between the rows of your garden.

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