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Making liquid nitrogen?

I'm trying to settle a debate. Would it be possible to use expanding liquid nitrogen to condense nitrogen gas to liquid? By this I mean, could you theoretically pass nitrogen gas through a series of chambers/heat exchangers in which liquid nitrogen is being sprayed/injected in order to bring the gas down below it's boiling point?


The nitrogen gas would be supplied from a compressed cylinder and would exit the system once it had changed states.Once the cylinder is empty the process stops.

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    No. Expanding liquid nitrogen is nitrogen gas. What you're talking about is like trying to condense steam with boiling water. The thing you use to do the condensing must be below the boiling point of the gas you want to condense.

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    let's hear your two arguments.  

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    don't see how, that would be a perpetual motion machine. 

    Although if the temperature of the liquid nitrogen is well below its boiling point, then yes. but the yield would be low.

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