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Sir Roger Penrose, new Nobel Laureate in Physics, accepts the science of global warming, so why do deniers doubt the physics?

About two years ago I had the great pleasure of dining with Roger Penrose, who is perhaps the greatest living theoretical physicist.  I asked him what he thought of the controversy regarding global warming and he said that he didn't understand why there was any controversy, the effect is clearly real.  You have to wonder why the deniers think they know more about physics than Nobel laureates. By the way, the name dropping here is intentional--I know it will just drive the troll crazy that I had dinner with Penrose--and it was much more enjoyable than the lunch I had with Fred Singer


By the way, if you're unfamiliar with Penrose, he won half of the Nobel Prize in Physics yesterday for his work on black holes. It almost certainly would have been shared with his longtime collaborator and rival, Stephen Hawking, if Hawking were still alive.  Penrose also probably deserved to share the 2011 prize in Chemistry for quasicrystals, since they are intimately connected with his tilings.

Update 2:

LOL, instead of actually talking about science, the troll pulls out some quote from some throwaway industry newsletter. So does the article say anything about people that change the subject?

Update 3:

I have to laugh at the answer thinks that Penrose would be worried about his "career" because of his stance on global warming. Penrose was 87 when I dined with him, he'd already achieved fame, fortune and everything but the Nobel Prize.  I also knew that the troll wouldn't be able to handle the idea. You are not "imitating" my behavior--I am honest, you are a liar. While it may be hard to believe that I dined with Penrose, it is nonetheless true. I still don't know why I got seated next to him.

Update 4:

Armouror, did you think I wouldn't check on your claim about Australia? This year has had the 6th warmest winter on record in Australia, and in Western Australia it was the warmest.

Update 5:

Sagebrush, welcome back! I fully agree that Obama did not deserve the Peace Price. The prizes in science usually go to more deserving people. Penrose' knowledge extends well beyond black holes, he could have shared the 2011 Chemistry Prize also. Global warming is an increase in the global mean temperature over multi-decadal times. I told you when water boils--when its vapor pressure equals atmospheric pressure. The temperature varies depending on pressure, so there is no single temperature.

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    The deniers are high school dropouts who never even went to community college. All they care about is hot weather girls, silly pics, & Neapolitan ice cream. Actually, on this site there appears to be about 15 active deniers. But it’s just one with multiple accounts.  He clearly has some serious mental problems.

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    Yes, and Obama got the Nobel for peace shortly after he was installed in office. It doesn't say much for the Nobel Prize. 

    So, 'why do 'deniers' doubt physics?' We don't. We adhere to true science. And this question coming from someone who has admitted in the past that he doesn't know when water boils is ludicrous.

    So now, hotshot, define Global Warming in a scientific way. And why don't you ask Penrose to scientifically and legally define global warming? His expertise is in black holes. That has a lot in common with global warming and your brain.

    Ha! Ha! You are one sick puppy. 

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    We in Australia have had one of the Coldest Winters on Record

    and the Outer Hebrides has had one of its coldest Summers

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    May I have your attention everyone.  The OP, Dirac, is paid to post here.  I'm not speculating.  This is FACT, which I have repeatedly demonstrated. 

    I think we should not enrich his paycheck any longer.  The more he gets fed material--the more money he makes.  Dirac is frustrated by his inability to post more material.  I am implementing a plan to shut down him and his co-workers.  I think if we shut down the alarmists, then we shut down the alarmism.

    You'll see the plan when I implement shortly.  It might take a few weeks, but it will happen.  I hope you join me.  

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    Right ok, so you went out on a date with this guy, but what happened after, who did what to who and are you still seeing each other? I’m gonna be kind and give you the benefit of the doubt that no money changed hands.

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