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Do you feel guilty when you take a vacation from work?(paid holiday)?

I'd love to ask this question to European people. Cause I'm writing the thesis

 about "the ways of work -comparison of Japan and Europe".

And also 

1.which country are you living?


3.what do you do?

4.what is your employment(working) status? you feel guilty when you take a long vacation? do you feel about Japanese working style?

  (Is this working style going to work in your country?)

Japanese working style is ...

・the average of paid holidays is 10 days a year

・they cannot feel free to take day-off because of they really care for other people

・many Japanese people go get a drink with their boss and co-worker after

 the work.(they spend so many times with workers)

I really appreciate when you answer those questions.

Thank you

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  • 2 months ago

    No, I never felt guilty when taking a vacation. Vacation was a part of my contract with the company.

  • As a Canadian, not at all.  I work hard and don't mind doing so, but when I take time off, I like to unplug.  Always feel better for it.

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