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Why is it that I can recover from Covid-19 after a few weeks and then develop breathing problems a few weeks later and very ill?

I have heard of this happening to several people. So if I get Covid-19 today am I not out of the woods when I recover a few weeks later? Is it several months before I know I won't die? 

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    first of all, prevention is always better than the cure.. you should always wear a mask in public, wash your hands more frequently, avoid touching your face etc etc..`


    the simple answer is that most people are not created equally.. some people are prone to complications, some are not fully healed, some have other medical problems like Diabetes Mellitus or on chemotherapy, that make COVID-19 much worse for them, and some are too old or born with a weak immune system.. you can include God, luck and genes to that simple answer..

    COVID-19 does not kill people, but the complications of COVID-19 is what get people into trouble and often get them killed.. one of the most common complications of COVID-19 is a deadly condition called ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome..

    imagine a country like Russia launching a full scale attack on North America with the Russian army invading Canada and the United States.. the US would respond with conventional weapons (tanks, fighters, ships, troops etc..).. this is what happens in most cases of COVID-19, and i was going to use aliens and Martians invading the US and Canada, but i am trying to keep the example simple and easy to understand..

    now imagine a situation when the Russians are successful of invading half of the country.. so the US decides to use nuclear weapons as last resort.. and as you know, nuclear weapons are bad; they destroy a wide area indiscriminately with each explosion, it can kill both enemy and friendly troops caught in the blast radius, and it can make a wide area of land irradiated and unsafe to live on for decades..

    ARDS which is a known complication of COVID-19, is actually triggered by the immune system of the body - not the virus itself.. in an effort to get rid of the virus, the over-zealous immune system uses the nuclear bomb and make COVID-19 worse than already is..

    if you watched the news today, you may have heard about president Donald Trump taking steroids, Dexamethasone.. Dexamethasone is one of the drugs that hopefully stop ARDS and cytokine storm from getting worse.. it is does not stop the virus (SARS-CoV-2) responsible for COVID-19, but it slows-down or stops the immune system from destroying the lungs using the scorched-earth nuclear option..

    and like i said, not all people are created equally.. some are blessed with youth and with good genes, and some are blessed with access to top medical doctors in the country.. some were born with an over-zealous immune system and some were partially exposed to SARS or MERS coronavirus that gave them partial immunity against COVID-19 coronavirus..

    you maybe interested to know that complications in the lungs are not the only known complications of COVID-19.. we now know that the COVID-19 coronavirus attack/cause damage the heart muscles - producing Kawasaki-like disease in children.. it also attacks the brain - in particular the brain-stem that is responsible for breathing and regular heart beats.. and it can attack the kidneys producing renal failure at all ages (young and old)..

    most people who get COVID-19 develop flu-like symptoms, some develop COVID-19 atypical pneumonia and some develop long-term complications, as mentioned.. and you maybe surprised to know that many COVID-19 survivors often complain of long term inability to hear certain sound frequencies (unable to appreciate music as before the illness) and long term reduction in the sense of smell and taste..

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    Stay at home.  It takes at least 14 days which is two weeks to get over this.  Hopefully they find a vaccine for this soon but I believe it’s going to take years.

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    Apparently, in some, after the virus is "defeated" by the body, there is a secondary immune response where the body attacks the lung. Typically additional medical care can help with this. It is by no means a death sentence.

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    Because you did not fully recover.

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    For some, recovery is a long hard process.  No one knows if you will be one that it drags out like that. As far as I know science does not know why it happens like that for some.

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