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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 6 months ago

If you were reading a post-apocalyptic novel and 25K words in, only one person had gotten killed, would you think it was too slow/boring?

I'm working on a novel that has a post-apocalyptic setting.  It has very little action so far, but things are setting up for a very violent finale.  I am 25K words in and only one person has been killed so far.  There is a great deal of character building and scene-setting.  If you were reading this story, would you put it down for being too boring/lacking action?


@Anonymous.  I am shooting for a final length of 80,000 - 100,000 words.  It's a full-length novel.

Update 2:

I really liked Andrew's answer, but I usually always give it to him when he answers my questions.  This time I want to award best answer to William Ellis.  Good advice, and I was touched by what you wrote. Good luck with your writing, William, and I am very sorry to hear about your dog.

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    6 months ago
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    If you are having fun writing this at 25 k words you should have the establish the start and move in to the large middle section of your Novel and open up your slaughter with your hero running, dodging and loving the girl friend.... I sent one novel to an editor and he said that 70% of the stuff he gets he send back after reading so many pages because they have no start and to me the ending section is the hardest to write......I write in a short story format and find by writing these short stories I can create something that has a Start, a Middle and a Ending throughout the read, not that i'm perfect writer, can't spell and never have been able. Get stuck on a word takes me ten minutes to figure how to spell it and Word is no help......but got to have that word there if you know what I mean...My tenses are always wrong but I'm been able to create 15 novels so far and my imagination is running out. I'm 74 now and in my thinking writing keeps my insanity on paper and not chasing after the ladies which would make my wife mad....I find that going to bed at 6pm and waking at around 1am, I have 5 hours of quiet time to disappear into the story I'm creating and free in the day time to do what every I want......But the last couple years I wake up with both hands of the clock sitting at 12 as if the Lord is telling me, "I have giving thee another day".....Now I really have not publish my works for I really wrote them for my pleasure to keep my mind active as I grow old....when I finish one and some have taken over a year to write I send them to and get ten printed out and giving out to friends, library and the Jail house...and they all need editing I think, but what the heck it my play toy and when I finish one novel I move on to another....But some outfit has talked me into getting serious publishing a novel last year by placing one of my novel in some magazine for publishers to look at and I have a whole page in the mag..... You probable thinking I'm rambling and I am...really bragging on fact that someone would think my 300 pager is wroth a try....and I'll be surprise if it does....but the virus has stopped that happening and I ask myself what if it gets accepted and I make tons of money.... If I live another ten years I'll be lucky and i ask myself what would I do with the money....give it away I guess or go fishing....I thank you for you question for I needed some one to talk to and just write dog was ran over Saturday and I want to make myself feel better and bragging got me thinking that everything in my life is not bad and move on and get back to trying to finish one of my SF works, I think I'm close to the end and I'll have 100,000 words in it when I'm done which will make the novel between 200 -330 pages long at the 11 setting in a 6 by 9 book form....My only suggestion for you just make sure you write within the law for writing that every sentence, paragraph, chapter and the whole novel has a start, a middle and a ending.....I write using, "he Said, he is saying, he asked throughout my work for I feel it is the drum beat in the words as they read....forms a rhythm in the words and I write making them wondering what action is coming next which makes them read on...and on ...and on ... and on till the last page shows up....thanks I needed this....

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    If I were reading a post-apocalyptic novel and I happened to be 50,000 words in and there hasn't been a single death I'd be fine with that so long as I was enjoying the story and I was finding that book to be well written.  

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Since the standard length of popular science fiction novellas that have been successfully published is between 25,000 and 40,000 words, the answer is yes. . 

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