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Self defense advice?  If someone is physically trying to push you off your feet, how do you stop them?


Any other suggestions besides the eye ones?  

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  • Steel
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    2 months ago
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    Martial arts are usually broken down into one of two methods: hard and soft. While those terms are appropriate, I do tend to prefer the more descriptive "linear" and "circular" respectively. For a situation such as this, wherein someone is trying to cause you harm, but not necessarily kill you, such as a school-yard fight, you aren't going to want to maim somebody, scar them for life, or out and out kill them. This is where circular or soft methods tend to have an advantage.

    ...but I digress. Simply put, don't meet force with force, especially if the person shoving you is physically larger/stronger/heavier than you are. Instead, the moment you feel the attacker's hands against you with the intent to push, go with it, offer no resistance. The attacker may even knock himself over in this instance. If the push is coming from straight ahead, along with no resistance, maybe even make a circular motion with your arms to sweep his hands off of you while you step back and to the side (getting "off the line").

    No insistence/no resistance is a core concept of Taijiquan. It also serves as a tenant in Judo and I've seen it exhibited in Aikido.

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    I loved steel's answer below.

    That for me wins best answer straight away.

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    that is a complicated question that has a lot of different answers. It depends on what exactly they are doing. 

    There are some judo type throws that come to mind, where you throw them the way that they are already trying to go. 

    There's pushing them back. 

    There's dropping levels and taking them out at their legs. 


  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Steel usually gives great answers.

    Here is 1 everyone forgets. It is so natural we forget it.

    Drop the center of gravity.

    It makes it very hard to move something when center of gravity drops lower than yours. Another is what Steel starts to mention. It is just go into cross stance and turn/spin. It is a circular concept like Steel mention. Thing is you can not grab or punch something turning easily. Or they get wrapped up.

    My favorite game to this was with football friends. Push on each other like on the line. Push back and forth than suddenly just spin or turn like a Walter Payton and watch your buddies just fall.

    Or hook up like before but instead of just spinning past you do a hip throw. It is the same method used in Judo.

    Just way too many options. And you can lot of fun with options

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  • mokrie
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    2 months ago

    Poke them in the eye. 

  • 2 months ago

    if you are not carrying a weapon a good thing to do is go for the eyes.

    fingers and nails work good.

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