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Can COVID be inhaled in the air of a store, if youre not near anyone directly but if you walk by where someone who has it has breathed?

Like if someone has it in a store and breathes there and then you walk in that air can you breathe in the virus? or is it only transmitted by being in front of someone and getting the droplets on you


How likely is this in scenarios like walking through the grocery store or target, if it is spaced out and relatively empty.. 

Update 2:

I always wear mask and there are mask rules in the stores I go into. But I know there are people here and there who dont follow the rules

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  • Lili
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    2 months ago


    If you are not wearing a mask, and if you walk by/into an area where someone with the virus (and also not wearing a mask) has just coughed, yes, you CAN pick it up and become infected.  Aerosol transmission is going on all the time among people who are not wearing masks and not social-distancing.

    Even mask-wearing and social-distancing may not fully protect us, though it does seem to be working for the most part.

    There has been plenty of information about this. See below:

  • 2 months ago

    Yes!!! If anybody down votes me they are wrong. The CDC just changed their covid guidelines yesterday, social distance should be more than 6 feet and covid particles can be in the air after an infected person leaves a space. Look at the CDC website.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, the virus can remain in the air for a while. 

  • L.F.
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    2 months ago

    Yes since it is particles in the air, if someone nearby sneezed. Wear a mask.

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