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My Fallout 4 keeps crashing for no apparent reason, is there any way to fix it?

I originally had 227 mods installed and 216 plugins running but after deleting some because my game wouldn't load, I now have 152 mods installed and 130 plugins running but, here's the kicker, I verified the game files twice because the game didn't still work and now it completely doesn't work anymore. I started the game but it kicks me out after 5 seconds after starting it. Is there any possible way to fix this? Oh, when I originally had this game for the first time, it was cracked and it worked with 150+ mods running and now, brand new with the newest update, it doesn't. Please help...

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    you probably invoked a corruption, with that many mods it's hardly surprising... why don't you try reinstalling it to a different folder (vanilla) ie just by itself,  and see if it runs, if it does it's obviously one or more of those mods..

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    That is because you haven't bought the latest version of Skyrim...

  • you must have upset Todd Howard and he now requires a blood sacrifice. sorry m8

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    Fallout 4 is an amazing game, don't get me wrong, but it seems to crash for everybody. I have not been able to play a single fallout game released after fallout 3 for more than 3 hours without it crashing. Some people in the comments are saying that it crashes because you cracked it, which is understandable. A lot of the time, cracked games perform worse than they normally would, but I don't think thats the case here. I think it's bethesdas fault. 

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    You may have to completely delete the game and reinstall it. It's possible that some of the mods you had messed with the coding.

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    Here's how to fix it: Throw that piece of garbage in the trash.. or delete the file, or whatever. Fallout 4 is **** and an insult to the rest of the series, it's not worth your time, or anyone else's for that matter.

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