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Can schools remove website bans for specific computers?

So my school supplied every student with a chromebook to use for remote learning. I’m in a class where I need to access a certain website to do my classwork, because it’s a project based class and I’m writing a book, but the book is being written on wattpad. They’ve apparently blocked wattpad on all of the school computers in the past three days. (If I were to guess they blocked every ‘social media’ type website) If I were to ask them to unblock it only on my computer, would they be able to? Or would they have to remove the ban for every computer? Because I’m 99% sure they won’t do the latter, not even sure if they’d do the former, but I really need to access the site and my current computer can’t run everything I need in order to write successfully

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    They should be able to remove it for specific computers. But the only way, as others have mentioned, is to contact them. Preferably, have your teacher contact them so they at least know that it is a legitimate request.

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    they can remove the firewall block from just one computer,

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    there is only one way to know if they will/can do something, and that is to ask THEM.

    every network is set up in its own way. without knowing their network setup, nobody can tell you but the people who set it up (the IT Dept. at the school).


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    Since the project is part of your course, speak to your instructor and I would imagine this problem will be quickly fixed. Good luck.

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    they can remove the firewall block from just one computer, the teacher should have a password to disable the firewall block from any computer in the network

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