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Why is it everything my friend does has to be better than everyone else?

It's really driving me batty. A few months ago I was showing my group of friends my photos I took from a recent nature trip with my DSLR. However, my friend seeing he isn't the center of attention; whips out his phone and starts sticking pictures he took of things in everyone's faces. And it's not like they weren't even good. Just pictures were taken on smartphones with locked settings. 

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    People will see him for what he is.  An attention whore.  Let him be what he wants to be.  If you are so insecure that he is trying to upstage you or anyone else, then it becomes YOUR problem.  Just smile and move on.  If he is your friend and you do not like this situation, talk to him about it.  Maybe he doesn't realize he is doing this.

    My brother used to be and still is the same way.  He would break into my conversations with my friends all the time trying to one up me and I took him down a few times because he had no clue what he was talking about.  Just was trying to show me up.  And my friends just laughed at him.  He finally got the point.  Still does this every once in a while, but I just don't let it bother me.  It only hurts me if I let what he does bother me.  If I don't it really doesn't matter.  My friends are still my friends, they don't care that my brother is an attention whore and they are still my friends and companions.

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