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A plane makes an emergency crash landing on a deserted tropical island. ?

Two dozen survivors must fend for themselves until help arrives. All of them are from large cities, and none of them has camping experience. The survivors find it impossible to gather enough food, and everyone begins losing weight. One person spends a lot of time by himself and figures out how to catch fish. He brings fish back to camp. Others ask him to teach them how to catch fish. He refuses but offers to share the fish he has caught with the other passengers as long as they take care of the other camp chores, such as hauling fresh water, gathering firewood, and cooking.

Debate the morality of the bargain proposed by the fisherman. One group should explain why the fisherman’s position is morally wrong. The other group should explain why the fisherman’s position is morally acceptable.

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    I suppose it could be morally wrong because if something happens to him, everybody else will starve.

    It's morally fine because it's a division of labor and everyone is working and getting fed.  Plus, I guess if he taught himself how to fish with no prior experience, some of the others could do the same if they wanted to put the time in.

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    humanity is a group effort, we collaborate far better than any other life form on Earth.  We learn from each other and then use the ideas of all to improve.  it follows that the fisherman is wrong ... sharing what he has learned may result in others helping to improve his methods and that would make everyone, including him, better off.

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