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SSD showing more used space then actually on the drive,  what can i clear or do to see these additional files? See additional info below?

I have a 250GB SSD that I am using as my main C drive. I have other larger drives for storage, but this is the one my operating system and software runs from.

I understand that the 250GB drive only has 224GB of usable space, I am not referring to that. 

Out of the 224 usable, I am seeing that I am using 187 with 37gb of free space. 

This is confirmed in my admin run defrag, Admin Run CCleaner, admin run Windirstat, and the "C" drive properties view.

However, when I select and account for everything saved on the SSD, (including on the drive itself, and in windirstat on admin) there is only 137GB of information on there. Meaning, there is 40GB unaccounted for. 

Let me clear up a few points. 

I am set up as an full admin, 

I have all Hidden files turned on visible (including all hidden drives and protected files)

I am aware of the hiberfil, hibernation was turned off/deactivated and the hiberfil was deleted in full. 

I am aware of the paging file, that was removed from this SSD and is running on another SSD. 

I have done a full admin disk check, there are no issues literally 0 bad sectors. 

It says I have have 195780324 kb of files used on this disk which is the binary conversion of 187GB and change so that make sense.. 

So there is clearly 187gb+/- being indicated as used. And only 137 actually accounted for. Since I can see the system files, my thought is there are residual files that are taking up space but not being utilized, how do I identify these and delete them?


Demonslayer575 you are awesome! 

I ran it, it was the windows CSC file that was saying 0 bites in use, Treesize found that it was actually over 40GB used. 

Tried to delete it, it was blocked (even as admin) tired to change security tab but blocked again. Ended up having to go to CMD and remove and reconfigure the  Permissions manually, got it done and deleted. 

Goodness what a sneaky file. 

Case closed, Thank you so much!

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    dont run windirstat. Run treesizefree. Windirstat misses files if they are special system files. Treesizefree does not. 

    its likely you have excessive windows log files (happens on a few windows versions) taking up alot of space. 

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    It is used by various Windows files, a swap files, etc.  Because of the temporary nature of those files they do not show up on any directory, etc.  Usually about 10% of a drive will be used by those files.

    Also, Windows assigns file space in blocks.  Depending on how you formatted the drive, this can be anywhere from 256 KB blocks, to as large as 4 MB blocks.  If you store a file with 1 character it in, it will still allocate 256 KB of space (or more) to hold that file.  255 KB of it is wasted space.  Windows reports the actual size of the file, not the amount of space the file is using.  So that number is always going to be different from what you actually have available.

    If you use a word processing program like Word, any time you go back and edit your document you usually add another block of storage space to you.  Say you go back and add one letter into the line of a document.  Because it is already using all 256 KB of space, it can not shift everything like the screen does to make room for that letter.  It has to set up a pointer at the place in the document were the insert the letter.  It points to a 356 KB block in which all it stored is that one letter.  Then it points you back to the insertion point of the original document.  While 256 KB is a small amount of space, you get enough of them in dozens of documents, you eat up a few GB of space.

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