what could be the possible reason for my psu to be exploded?

hello guys i purchased a brand new psu from amazon india when i got the package. i teared it down and found that the box was already open and the cables which were inside the plastic bag was also torn down very badly ,also there was no manual or guide inside the box either however the the psu and the cables were lookin fine and was clean. the psu i ordered was corsair tx550m 80+ gold certification. during the installation of the psu i found that it needs to be connected with 13A socket but in my house there is not 13A socket all i have i 16A and 6 A sockets so in order to fix that i used 13A/15A to 6A adaptor. everything was fine the installation was clean but as soon as i allowed the power to the psu. a quick and small explosion happened and my system did not started. im very much confused that what causes this explosion because my installation was pretty smooth no rush and clean. psu looked new to me. it felt like one of the japanese capacitor might have been exploded inside the psu also i see no smoke or smell out of the explosion i refunded the psu and i got rid out of this easily but to that day i'm still confused what could be the possinle reason behind the psu explosion. i highly daubt that the psu might be referbished since the box was already opened and the plastic bag containing all the required cables was also torn apart wildy and also it has no manual or guide

Please any expert out there. i need your opinion should i go for the same psu again in hope to get new 1

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    Your question makes no sense.  If you are in India, your house might have 230V AC power at 50 Hz out of the wall, often from British wiring and power systems of the old empire days.  There are "16A and 6A" sockets in anyone's house in many countries near you.  "A" on sockets means the current draw of the socket wiring and plug fuse in Amps.  That Corsair PSU shouldn't draw more than 8 amps at 230V AC, which is more than 1000 watts, well above the 550 it puts to the computer insides.    Your explanation of some adapter is complete baloney to anyone but you.

    Power supplies might have a switch on the back that goes from 110 VAC to 220 VAC.  It should have been set for the higher one in India.  If no switch, then the power supply has a wide range for voltage and India power is okay to use.

    A guess is you bought a PSU that was used by someone and damaged, and the store or other place didn't repair it.

    I have a similar Corsair power supply that came already inside a Corsair computer box.  It was fine but the motherboard died, reason unknown.  I got a new board, and to be safe, I got another PSU of different brand.  It is fine to use.

    I was an electronics manufacturing engineer, and I have used and built computers for almost 60 years.  Most of the time I had no problems with power supplies.


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    Cheap PSUs will typically blow up or fry themselves if you try drawing too much power from them and if they don't have the right protections in place (or the protections don't kick in).

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    did it look like that in the item description on the website?

    you should contact the seller and ask them about it.

    seriously though, PSUs do not have serviceable parts, and should never be disassembled...

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    the psu [computer] should have been plugged into the 16a socket, not the 6a one.  something inside [fuse?] has died.  fix this.  as to the opened box, etc. -- you needed to complain about that as soon as your received it ...you paid for new and what you got was not new ... somebody's refurb unit that may or may not have been good.  this is on amazon india and their vendor ... not corsair.  if they'll replace the damaged unit, you're in luck.  if not, it is on you.  -- granddad

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    You don't need an expert. You only need to return the PSU and ask for a refund. Call the seller at once.

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