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How does Ireland Independence work? Some of ireland still remains in the UK? Is part of ireland it’s own sovereignty and part not  ?

I don’t understand what was achieved with the Ireland revolution 

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    Pakistanis get UK passports via sham Dublin marriages

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    Pakistanis are now in Belfast

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    The republic of Ireland is its own country. Most people call it ireland, and as far as i know thats the official name. But Northern Ireland is still part of the island called Ireland. Northern ireland is a different country, part of the uk. But things get murky. Northern irish people are still entitled to irish passports. And in a lot of ways it is treated like the same country ie lack of border control (although brexit may change that), people crossing the border for jobs, shopping etc. And there are roads that zig zag in and out of the republic. Ireland= the whole island. Irish= a person from (by birth, parents, naturalization etc) the island of ireland. Republic or Ireland= the majority of the island of Ireland that has no ties to the UK. Northern Ireland= six traditional counties in the north of ireland that are part of the uk. But heres the thing. There are people from the north that would not consider themselves irish. And although the UK part of ireland is called northern ireland, the northernmost part is actually Donegal, which is part of the republic or ireland. Confused? I sure am!

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    Ulster Protestants refuse to be Irish despite their colonial ancestors being here for 400 years they think they are ethically superior to Irish Roman Catholic Gaelic speaking natives despite Irish Roman Catholic having more beautiful  looking women because Irish Roman Catholic girls/women are very athletic they play GAA camogie is why they have very fit looking bodies. Ulster Scots and the Anglo Irish deep down both types of Protestants are as Irish as the native Roman Catholic  people  the English/British don't want them. Ulster Loyalists/Unionists deep down they will one day realise  they where Irish after all this time  after all their ancestors where Irish patriots United Irishmen remember 1798 rebellion Irish Roman Catholic Protestant and Dissenter united against English/British tyranny and oppression.

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    It's occupied territory stolen from Ireland by the British

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    Most of Ulster remained British, the rest of the island of Ireland became the 'free state' later to become the Republic of Ireland and so an independant county

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