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Would martial arts help me build confidence? ?

I’m a junior in college right now ( 20 year old , female ), and I also work part-time. In my education and work life , I often tend to lack in confidence when it comes to addressing issues or being confrontational. I also have a lack of confidence in my identity , and consistently feel uncertain about who I am as a person. Recently, I have developed an interest in martial arts as a way to build my confidence and self - esteem. I have looked into a few facilities near me, and many of them offer adult classes. Earlier in my life, I was a competitive gymnast, and during that time, I had substantially more self esteem and confidence than I currently have. I want to get back into sports , but I also want to try something new that will help me in other areas of life. Is martial arts the way to go about this ? If so, how do I determine which of the martial arts is the best fit for me ?

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    I think there are a few areas that you are misunderstanding. 

    The purpose or goal of martial art is NOT to make the practitioner more confrontational.  Someone who is confrontational is insecure. Someone who is secure in themselves do not need to be in people's face. They can stand their ground on issues they believe without being confrontational. If anything, the most accomplished martial artists I know are pretty mellow people. And part of the reason is that they don't see any reason arguing or changing the opinions of those they do not respect. After all, what is the point of being respected by someone you don't even like?

    There is a big difference between real confidence and fake confidence.  When you were doing gymnastics you were younger and at the time it was a status symbol - you could do things others cannot do which made you feel special. But you failed to understand that the struggle and the journey you took to accomplish your achievements was what gave you that confidence. That will to push yourself and persevere is what you should had been cultivating. The applauds or praise from others  are nice, but not relevant to cultivating SELF-confidence.

    And this means, unless you understand how self-confidence is cultivated, taking up a martial art is not going to help you because just as in the case of gymnastics, it was not really gymnastics that gave you the feeling confidence but finding within yourself the will to overcome and persevere when faced with obstacles. In reality martial art does not GIVE you confidence directly. No one is going to hand confidence to you. Martial art (and it is not the only thing that does so) presents a obstacle course for you to navigate and by doing so and understanding yourself allows you the opportunity of self-examination and hopefully self-realization.

    If you understand that and still want to study martial art, I would recommend you first take a look around your area and visit some of the schools to meet the teacher and ask questions which any legit school would be glad to do so.  Many of them will allow a prospective new student to observe their class and some even allow one free lesson.  Don't make a decision until you have visit a few schools, then take time to consider the character of teacher and how the students behaved in class. Forget the shiny trophies or awards - look and judge the character of the one who will be teaching.  If you are not sure about some of the schools you visited, you can always post another question here.  It is better to spend the time finding a good teacher than to waste time and money with one that is wrong for you.

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    Confidence is one of the #1 benefits of studying martial arts.  It turned me from a schoolyard bully's wet dream into the guy the tough guys didn't want to mess with.  There were more than a few hiccups along the way, but that's exactly what martial arts training did for me.

    NOTE:  Taking classes in any kind of self defence will not make you invincible in combat, and don't believe anyone who says otherwise.  Along with many other people, I learned from cold hard experience that self defence techniques are not guaranteed to work against any opponent.

    OTHER NOTE:  Self confidence most definitely will make the bullies and predators find someone else to pick on.

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