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Voting is compulsory in Australia so how do the Jehovahs Witnesses abstain from being involved in politics? Will Jehovah punish if they vote?

If the vote in secret will God still accept them as His Witnesses?

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    JWs can get out of voting in Australia on the grounds of conscientious objection on religious grounds, but Australia also has anti discrimination laws that prohibits non- religious people from being treated differently to religious folks. There was an occasion when a non-religious person failed to vote and claimed conscientious objection on the grounds that no candidate was worthy of his he was fined, didn't pay and it was escalated to a High Court, so a $20 fine ended up being thousands of dollars.The Judge ruled that if just anyone could get out of voting on the grounds of conscientious objection, it would pose a threat to our democratic way of life. So there is clearly a law that favours religiosity and punishes atheism.

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    They may or may not get a free pass

    They may just pay the $50.


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    As an Aussie and a JW for 40 years I can answer this.

    In Australia you are allowed to not vote for religious/conscience reasons. A few weeks after the election we would get a letter asking to explain why we did not vote, with the option of paying a fine if you did not have a valid reason.

    I would write "As one of Jehovah's Witnesses my bible trained conscience does not allow me to take part in the politics of this world" then list a scripture or two.

    That was sufficient and there was never any trouble that I know of with JWs not voting.

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