2015 vw passat tdi sel priemum?

how do you adjust the camber in the rear my tires look like they are poking out also vw said my aligment was fine when they checked it for free bt my back tires keep getting ate up its drving me crazy been doing it since i bought the car with 50k miles it has 161k now

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    The previous owner most likely damaged it, and if the VW place claiming 'it's fine' was the same one that sold it to you, they may not want to fess up to knowingly selling you a damaged vehicle.

    I'm amazed that you drove it for 110K without getting a second opinion from another shop - and that when you had new tires put on that nobody offered to give you a quote to fix the problem (unless it was the same VW place that sold it to you damaged, and just wanted to keep selling you tires).

    I'm usually not that pessimistic - but there are some pretty scuzzy places out there.

  • 2 months ago

    There likely is no camber adjustment in the rear. If the tires are wearing on the inside edges you either have a bent rear strut. bad ball joints, or too much toe out. 

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