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UFC gloves or Pride gloves?


Last Orthodox Patriarch is Irenaios 1st of Jerusalem (imposter Theophilos 3rd took his place unlawfully). Kiril of Russia, Bart of Constantinople, and many others should be executed for betraying Orthodoxy.

Ecumenism (all religions getting together to pray to Satan for peace and security) = 263 heresies.

Update 2:

 Iranaios 1st blessed Catacomb movement (church inside your home). What you need is antimins (remains of saints sewn into a towel) for liturgy. One cup and one spoon (and no one gets sick obviously from eating Christ's body drinking blood of Jesus because Jesus is sinless).

Modern documents are from Satan; burn them. Hide within a 10-15 people group (saint Seraphim of Sarov and saint Gabriel Urgebadze) to escape the unforgivable mark of the beast.

Update 3:

No electronics once you hid so that you won't be tracked.

If you escape mark of the beast, then your direct ancestors will go to heaven (saint Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov); forgive me.

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    All you are doing is paying for a name. Does it matter what name is on the glove. I bet those gloves are made in the same country if not same sweat shop.

    In this case a no name usually is same quality one with a promotion name on it. All yu are doing is paying for that name on it. Probably for 1/2 that price your paying for a name.

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