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When is Australia going to stop torturing and killing innocent Muslims?

In 2005, the Australian police killed many innocent Lebanese Muslims for peacefully protesting against racism and discrimination. The media was not allowed access, and Lebanese Australians were blocked from speaking to the press.


The Australian government is also cracking down on inncent Muslims in Lakemba and Bankstown. Rumour has it, many peaceful Lebanese Muslims are being locked away in labour camps and forced to eat pork. They are also harvesting the organs of Muslim criminals on death row.

Update 2:

Australia is literally 'hell on earth' for the Muslim community.

Update 3:

Remember the cronulla massacre back in 2005? ...

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    Australia lied about the bombing of Darwin. They attacked their own city and said it was Japan. They did this, because they needed a reason to participate in WW2.

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    What modern Muslims fail to realize is that with the internet, it is easy to see when they are trying to pull a taqiya on people.  I was able to quickly Google a long list of mosques in Sydney alone (see link below).

    However, if Australia is beginning a pushback against the pedo-inspired religion so as to never suffer the fate of taqiya's stage three like what has happened in Lebanon, that's a good thing.

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    That's so true.

    Also, there's about 1 and a half million Muslims currently in forced labor camps in Australia; they must spend 1 year there, and if they don't pass final re-education exams, they are sent to Manus Island off the coast of Australia, where they are executed.

    And all mosques in Australia have now been destroyed.

    The Cronulla massacre that happened there resulted in the killings of over 13,000 innocent Muslims. Nobody was charged with any offense.

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    Gough Whitlam was a murderer who killed over 1.5 million people who spoke out against the Labour party. Many of those included Aborigines who complained about their lands being confiscated to make way for new apartments.

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    If Muslims don't wanna live here, then LEAVE.

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    "Innocent Muslims" lol

    It's a real shocker that no civilized country in the world wants their pedo religion, but they just keep pouring in...

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