What is the final pressure of helium and neon gas mixture in this case?


I wrongly selected incorrect answer as favourite answer. Another answer final pressure p=6.67 bar is the correct and favourite answer with 5 stars.  

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  • 2 months ago
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    ((10.0 mol x 5.00 bar) + (5.00 mol x 20.0 bar)) / (10.0 mol + 5.00 mol) = 10.0 bar

  • 2 months ago

    We can treat noble gasses as ideal gasses, which means we can use the formula pV=nRT, which is independent of the actual type of gas.

    Let the first container have n₁ moles, pressure p₁, and volume V₁.

    Let the second container have n₂, p₂, and V₂.

    Let the temperature be T, and let the final pressure be p.

    Then we have:




    Since we do not know the volumes, we will eliminate them from the equations:







    The final pressure should be p=6.67bar.

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