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How does an American get a citizenship in Hawaii?  I always loved Hawaii but wish i could stay?

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    A US citizen is allowed to live in Hawaii indefinitely, as it's a US state.  It's subject to the same general restrictions that would be found in other states - you can't just decide to live on someone else's property, including the government's, such as bird sanctuaries.

    If you mean Hawaii residency, that varies depending on the purpose.  You can declare Hawaii residency for State Income Tax purposes as soon as you start living there and intend to stay.  Residency for the purpose of getting in-state tuition rates takes longer.

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    Hawaii does not grant citizenship to anyone. As an American, you are entitled to live in Hawaii anytime you desire.  

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    Huh? Hawaii is a state of the union in the U.S. The people of Hawaii are American citizens. 

    If you want to live here, make sure you have a viable job and secure acceptable housing.

    Source(s): Resident of Hawaii.
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    I want a citizenship of America......

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    BIG Surprise for you:  there are now more than 13 states.  Yes, Hawaii and other states that used to be independent nations are now all states:  Vermont, Texas, California.

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    There is no such thing as Hawaiian citizenship - it was granted statehood in 1959.  Before then, it was a US territory since 1900.  If you were born on Hawaii anytime in the last century, you are an American citizen

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    Hawaii is part of the U.S.  It's not a separate citizenship.  American citizenship is what you need to stay in Hawaii.

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    Most get it by birth.

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