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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsCell Phones & Plans · 6 months ago

No questions asked, I rooted my phone because others did it. Thought it was so-called beneficial like others say it is.?

So, I decided to do this, I didn't care what the effects would be, but now I want to discuss this result that it caused me to do. My phone was slow and I wanted to recover deleted items. I had a bunch of Google accounts that got deleted from my phone, I basically reset my phone when I rooted it. I never knew that would even happen, I know with older phones it's easier to root it than to go through all of this. Apps are still on my phone but they can't be opened, I know Samsung won't do sh because I rooted my phone, I have high doubts Google will also, I can't even open my messages or phone app, every time I try to it will crash. When I even try to sign in to my Google account, it kicks me out and brings me back to add a new account. That's the last time I'm rooting any phone unless someone proves it's actually beneficial, and I don't think it will ever be. The only two questions "I can ask are what can I do" and "what is your response to this?", right now, I just want my (bunch of) Google accounts that I created from this phone usually to troll or store things since Google has a 15GB limit, I backed up the entire data after rooting because I know that to remove a root properly, you have to wipe the entire phone. I'm not going to do that. I'm probably not going to have a choice, since my phones were confiscated and rooted already, it wouldn't matter. I hope I'm not going too far. If this gets no responses, then I'll just delete it.


Actually, my phone works normally, just with none of my apps installed, if I go to the applications I see that they still exist in the list of applications but they can't be found or open.

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    6 months ago
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    Seems you did something, you knew nothing about. I have rooted all of my Android phones. I did NOT lose access to any apps, nor did I need to wipe all the phones when  JUST rooting without flashing a new ROM, does not require wiping the phone. 

    I've also never needed to create a new Google account. The only time apps did not work, was using certain ROMs, which required Google Apps for that particular ROM. All other apps worked normally, unless they didn't work with that ROM, or the updated OS version (rooted or not). 

    So what did you do, just ROOT or Root and Flash a new ROM? Also the root you did, was it for your particular phone, or one for a phone that wasn't for your phone, but you felt close enough? 

    Also was the root you did, and app or command line, using a computer and data cable connected to your phone? The apps normally only work for particular phones, with specific Firmware and OS builds? If they do not match, the best is that the root does not work, the worst can be bricking the phone, or almost exactly what you describe has happened to your phone. 

    So, which phone, OS build, firmware, method used to root the PHONE, BEFORE ROOTING? 

    Original ROM BUILD before you touched it. You of course downloaded your original ROM, and have it on hand, yes? And you downloaded it from the manufacturers tech support website, yes? 

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    6 months ago

    When you do something 

    without first properly informing yourself of known potential hazards, 

    You Deserve The Consequences.  


    This is Your problem to solve.    

    You made it, you unmake it.   

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